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Funny Thing About Competition

So John Gruber does understand monopoly and competition when it involves Google, but not when it involves Apple. Interesting.

Competition isn’t the right word. Yes, there are competing search engines, clearly. The right word is monopoly,

The exact thing could have been said about Apple's iBook store and Amazon's Kindle store when the Justice Department sued Apple in 2013. By artificially inflating the prices of book across both stores by colluding with publishers, Apple tried to take away the competition that Amazon was giving Apple.

Funny how he doesn't connect the two things though.

Quote of the Day

These guys have all convinced themselves that to be successful and keep their jobs, they need to stand by Trump. But Trump won’t stand with them as soon as he doesn’t need them. He’s not loyal. They’re very loyal to Trump, but the second he thinks it’s to his advantage to throw someone under the bus, he’ll be happy to do it.

Rep. Justin Amazh (I-M)

Sorry John, Streaming Music is not the Same as Price Fixing eBooks

Once again John Gruber shows he still doesn't understand why the Justice Department went after Apple for eBooks in 2013

Time for the Justice Department to investigate Apple’s music business.

The monoploy that the Justice Department sued Apple for was because they were price fixing ebooks in the iBooks store with the largest publishers, not because they had more customers for digital books than Amazon.

It is not serprising that Amazon can scale services better and faster than Apple; they have been doing that for years.

Canada's New Food Guidelines = My New Food Guidelines

I have gained weight.

I once weighed 165 pounds. But, that was 20 years ago when I was a lanky, active athlete playing soccer and basketball in high school. Since then I have become less active all while keeping my bad eating habits: lots of Fast Food and not a lot of fruits and vegetables.

I reached my heaviest weight of 275 pounds in April of 2014. I reached my lowest weight of 215 pounds in February of 2017.

I am now sitting pretty at 260 pounds.

This is not good. According to the CDC BMI Calculator I should be between 136 to 184 pounds.

Now, I highly doubt that I will ever truly be able to get back to my high school weight; even if I drastically changed my diet and exercise. But, I can work to loss weight and get in better change by changing my diet and the amount of exercise I get. One of the ways I can do that is to follow the new Canada guidelines that are detailed in the photo below. Drastically increase the amount of fruits and vegetables I eat, while drastically decreasing the amount of fast food I eat. I also need to get waaaaaaaay more exercise than I do now. Even though my Fitbit tells me that I get 20k steps in during work, I need to do actual exercise and not just rely on walking around a warehouse for "exercise".

The question is: How do I get these changes to stick?

I have tried to do this before, see that weight drop from 2014-2017? That was a lot of work and I have let it go out of laziness. I need to do better. I want to do better. I would love to be able to run around a soccer field again without falling down after 5 minutes.

But, I am lazy. Just look at the publish date below - Jan 2019 - and I'm just now getting around to saying, "Yeah, I should probably to something different".

Here's to starting to make some changes.

So, let's go do this.

Jan 22, 2019

Canada’s new Food Guide is out! Looks to be much better and more in line with current nutritional science. I am sure the meat, dairy and egg industries are upset #goplantbased

Canada’s Food Guide


Morning Brew

I took the time to brew some Blue Bottle coffee in my Chemex instead of popping in a couple of Keurig K-cups.

After the first couple of sips, I'm shaking my head and wondering why I keep wasting my time with the Keurig.

Sure it is dead simple to make coffee: Pop in K-cup, close lid, and press a button.

But, that comes at the cost of flavor. As in there isn't a whole lot of subtlety in the brew. It's just ... meh.

It's waaaaay past time that I stop using the Keurig and start using the Chemex, French Press, or Aeropress to make my coffee.

You Don't Have to Answer

I don't often agree with Cultural Offering but they are correct about cold calls

Remember you are not owed a reply

The opposite of this is true:

You are not obligated to answer or respond.

You don't have to pick up the phone when it rings.

You don't have to open the door when someone rings the doorbell.

You don't have to respond to the text or email.

Protect your time.

Focus on what you need to focus on to reach your goals.

Lyrics and the Blame Game

A whole lot of people don't like Google. Those people do generally praise Apple and see the worst in Google. The latest example is Genius claiming Goolge "stole" their lyrics.

K.Q. Dreger sums his thoughts up

But ultimately, this points back to Google’s enormous control over the traffic, and often financial wellbeing, of sites whose content it decides to scrape and surface via Knowledge Panels or Featured Snippets.

However, Google licenses the lyrics already so they can't be stolen in the legal sense. People don't click through to websites because the Featured Snippets load faster and better than the over bloated websites that hosts the info.

Better page loading isen;'t huge control, just better strategy.