No Idea


The new desk components have been ordered.

Now it is just a waiting game
Waiting for the order to go through.
Waiting for the delivery day and time to come.
Waiting to put everything together.
Waiting to get started.

Of course, some things have changed.

Instead of going with two Hemnes units I opted for two Malm units. This was due to height, modifications (I didn't want to spend time modifying if I didn't have to), and space. The photo that I was using for inspiration had two Karlby counter tops set on top of three Hemnes drawer units. If I only have space for one Karlby and two Hemnes the space in between the Hemnes units would be 12 inches. Which is way to small of a space for me to have a desk chair. Enter the Malm 3 drawer unit. With no feet and a smaller foot print it will achieve roughly the same look as my inspiration photo without the need to modify the actual unit.

I'm looking forward to starting this project next week.

Cultural Offering shares this story from The Wall Street Journal about a deal Google signed with hospitals.

The prospect of tech giants’ amassing huge troves of health records has raised concerns among lawmakers, patients and doctors, who fear such intimate data could be used without individuals’ knowledge or permission, or in ways they might not anticipate.

I'm not sure what the context of this quote is in the larger story. But, it seems ridiculous to worry about tech giants making secret deals if hospitals are doing the same exact thing!

Shouldn't the outcry here be that hospital systems entered into secret deals with Google for access to patient records?

Dave Winer

RSS really is not a good way to read my blog.

Here's the thing about the web; I can read it how and when I want to. I prefer RSS so that I don't have to remember to go to checks notes 484 individual websites to see what is being shared on any given day.

As the author of a website, if you don't want people to read your website in an RSS reader simply don't include a link to a RSS feed.

But, you don't get to tell me how I can read your words. I get to choose how and when I read them; if I read them at all.

This concept car looks like a Fachugger from Alien.



When Least I Could Do is right, they're spot on.

From the excellent blog 365gifs comes this great GIF


Josh Ginter has a pretty good way to look at what to write about on your blog

I’m going to write and post things that interest me. Things I like. Things I’m trying my hand at.

That's pretty much what I'm looking for in a blog anyway.

I love the fact that most productivity tips are focused on giving tips to people who have open schedules.

The #1 tip is normally schedule email time like that is something that people with a jobby job can do.

"No, boss I didn't see that client proposal or important work email that you're asking me about because I only check my email from 2-3pm because a "productivity expert" on YouTube told me to schedule email time."

I can see how awkward that response would be for a person to give.

However, I do like the do your most important task first advice. I try to incorporate that in my daily routines; especially at work.

A new year, like a new life, can fill a person either with hope and optimism or angst and dread. But regardless of how I face the future, time will march forward. I’ll make my way, sometimes easily and sometimes ploddingly. I’ll stumble and fall and pick myself back up, and sometimes—maybe even most times—getting back to standing will take a whole lot longer than I anticipate.

I started to argue with this paragraph when I finished the first sentence. Then I continued reading. I don't like splitting everything into either this or that designations. Reality isn't binary. It's almost never black and white. There might be right and wrong answers to some things, but the majority of what we see is full of ambiguity.

I'm glad Erin Boyle expanded on that first sentence because I feel pretty much the same.

But regardless of how I face the future, time will march forward.

Indeed it will.