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I imagine that there is a significantly large group of people who are angry with the current United States administration for not holding to the norms of governing that have been part of American governance more than the actual policies of the curent United States govenment.

If the Drumpf administration held daily, or weekly, press briefings as has been the norm for decades, I imagine that some of the outrage surrounding this administration would not be there. The access to the workings of the administration that press briefings give are one reason why the "leaks" of infighting and back-stabbing in the administration are so prevelant. How do you build and maintain a strong message around specific topics if you have nobody who can step in a fill the role of message point person. Of course it doesn't help that the Tweeter in Chief can't control himself like he's a five year-old in a candy store.

If the Drumpf administration nominated and sent nominees to the Senate to get confirmed rather than letting department heads leave and filling with a temporary unconfirmed individual then much of the outrage at empty or vacant positions wouldn't be there. If the top position of a department is nominated and not confirmed then that's a bit of a black eye on the administration, but its a lot better than the body blows of having a substantional amount of churn and temporary head's of agencies that have little to no idea of how long they will be in positions.

The biggest thing that is different about the Drumpf administration is Donald Drumpf's use of Twitter to be a spoiled man-baby. If he could stop being the whiny self obssessed ecomaniac who has to be correct and show some self control then much of the outrage about his ideas would be weighed and depated in a more normal way on the cable news channels. It is the way that this man acts that is causing much of the outrage at the American government, not what policies are enacted.

Don't believe me? How much outrage have you seen about Mitch McConnell have you seen in the past two years?

He is by far worse than Donald Trumpf in enacting policies that hurt people and help corporations, engaging in political tricks to get what the DOP wants, obstructing the way the American government is supposed to work, and yet from day to day, week to week, the outrage is about what Donald Trumpf tweeted, not what Mitch McConnel allowed to come to a vote in the Senate.

If the current administration acted like the previous administration when it comes to governmental nurms then most of the outrage about the current administration would not exist.

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I never understood why he kills himself at the end of the play. He says he's wasted his life chasing Valjean but is that enough to end it? Why not focus your remaining years on righting your wrongs?

Nicholas Bates has some Good Advice for your personal money.

Alex Svanevik writes on Medium about switching away from Evernote which starts off with this summary

As a consumer, I would much rather support a product that continues to innovate and impress customers rather than one that has become complacent.

I disagree with this thinking. I like to try out new and interesting apps and services, but I would much rather rely on apps that have a history of being solid and reliable rather than the new hotness that people are gushing over.

I disagree that taking the time to focus on stability rather than introducing new features makes a product that is complacent.

I am fully aware that Evernote has had issues with communication of features and pricing and marketing. I am not here to say that everyone should be using Evernote because their product is better than anything else that you can find. I am simply saying that just because another product introduces features doesn't mean that the product you are leaving is complacent.

And then there is always the possibility that Evernote will collapse and Notion will be the nest default note storing app that we have to use. Who knows, that's the nature of business.

Despite it's flaws, I am happy with how Evernote works. I do not feel the need to switch just because there is some other product that has "better" features.

A very good list

  1. What am I taking for granted this week?

  2. Who helps to keep the comforts of my life coming to me?

  3. What systems are helping my life to run right now?

  4. Three mundane things that I do almost daily that I’m grateful for.

  5. Five utilitarian things I use in my life, why I’m grateful for them, and some of the factors and circumstances that help bring those into my life.



Ralph McQuarrie

B.C. by Mastroianni and Hart for May 04, 2019

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Quoderat at [Technology as Nature](

) shares his thoughts on a Twitter thread about a research expedition to the Amazon

"The wild" is now racist? Huh. I go to the wild areas of Florida all the time. I plan to keep calling them that no matter how racist it might be. If an area has a bunch of animals, trees, and not that many buildings, it’s wild.

I think he misses the point by a mile. This response is what the hubbub is about

Not that "the wild" is a racist term. But the terms used in the announcement are structured as a continuation of white men colonialism and that part needs to stop.

Matt at birthtree thinks Apple gave us a glimpse of the future with the iPhone X.

What was so radical about the iPhone X versus the iPhone 8?

No headphone jack.
No home button.

Same rectangle of glass (different type) and same OS.

Not very radical, or future looking to me.

This is not possible. Except that it is.

My brain hurts. I need more coffee.