Short Movie Review

A revenge movie with Jackie Chan on a rampage. Chan proves that he can do more than his own stunts and portrays a grieving veteran who will stop at nothing to avenge his daughter's death.

Short Movie Review

A great epic story reduced in size and scope to fit into one movie and loses much of it's character and heart. Characters that are not completely developed fight for a world that is a shadow of itself. Plot points lost in the effort of creating an action movie from a drama.

Short Movie Review

A buddy cop comedy with intrigue and deception. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are the exact opposites for their high school selves and it works.

Short Movie Review

On a colony building mission the number one rule is to protect the colonists, not investigating an unknown signal. The creation of life can lead to death. Androids are not to be trusted.

Short Movie Review

A film noir detective movie without the detecting. Beautiful cinematography with a slow pace and horrible voice over but, lacking substance.

This 2015 tweet from Dan Hodges sums up any debate about gun control in the United States of America.

If we as a country and society have decided that it is acceptable to lose the lives of 20 children due to gun violence then we have no desire to take the initiative to restrict the owning and use of guns.

Every time I see this GIF I hear it yelling "YA HEARD ME?" to the world

Every. Single. Time.

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In my continued appreciation of all things lighthouses I present to you one from the arctic.

From a series of photos by Evgenia Arbugaeva documenting Vyacheslav Korotki living alone in the arctic.

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Today in the advice column

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Sometimes a movie poster just isn't good enough.

Sometimes it needs a new version.

This is one of those times.

Here is the original

And here is an updated version from Ben Whitesell

A more modern take on the poster to one of my favorite westerns of all time.

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