No Idea


Really good advice.

I need to work on this.

I'm sorry, but, if it only takes one commercial for a company to ruin a beloved movie then you didn't really love that movie.

The always great APOD shares a stunning photo of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Galileo's Europa Remastered

I get entirely too worked up about political stories like this one.

There are still 320 days until Election day.

That is 87% of a year.

I would be extremely worried if the election was already decided.

In fact we would not have a democracy if that was the case.

To political reporters I have this advice:

Quit reporting elections like races and focusing on who's ahead in poles.
Focus on covering the positions candidates endorse.
Give people information not sound bites.

Shawn Blanc is the second person that I've seen who has written about having a blank home screen on their iPhone in the name of productivity.

Or at least the friction to wasting time on their iPhone.

I have a blank home screen on my PIxel 4. But, that is not for some productivity hack or friction to wasting time on my phone. It's simply because I love being able to see my background without a bunch of junk over it.

I find that the way Android handles app icons is far more ideal than iOS. Simply because if you install an app on Android you do not have to have an app icon on your home screen.

This wearable sleeping bag suit made me look.

Sometimes you're listening to a song that you've heard a few times before and you focus on the lyrics again and they hit you ... hard.

Sometimes you're listening to a song that you've heard a few times before and you focus on the music and it hits you... hard.

Sometimes those two things are the same song.

Sometimes it's the mood that you're in that triggers it.

Sometimes it's just the song that hits you ... hard.

This morning it was the last one.

So now I'm trying to recover from being hit over the head by a song that hasn't done that to me before.

Music and moods, man.

Advice is hard to give when you are speaking generally; not to a specific person on a specific issue. It's bold to say you should do this to achieve that; especially with little to no nuance.

I think that C.J. Chivlers falls into the generality trap when talking about scheduling time to avoid anxiety:

Sometimes you don’t have the agency to control all of your time. Again, this is not a calendar problem. Your calendar is just reflecting the truth of your agency – fix that.

If you don't have the time in the day to do what you want to do then you need to fix that is a great general idea. But, the specifics of that can vary greatly from person to person and situation to situation. There is no one way to fix that. There might not be a way to fix that.

But, the idea, the spark, that the advice springs from is a basic one: If you're not happy then change something.

Great advice in general. If you can use it.


Saltwater summer.

Seth Godin

Everything worth doing has a hard part. If it didn’t, it would have been done already.


You can't get more obvious than that.

Of course, the real fun begins when you start to work on the hard part.