It's December. The year is almost over. Instead of looking back at 2018 and seeing how much I wanted to do that I didn't do; I am using this month to look forward to 2019. To begin thinking about what I want to accomplish. To start putting some ideas down. To start brain storming Goals. To start the process of turning over a new leaf. To begin.

I started a note in my notebook this morning:

I Want To ...
read more
write more
clean more
exercise more
* cook more

There is definitely a theme going on as I start to look toward 2019. I want to do more which ultimately I have to do less. I have to reduce somethings in order to increase others. Time is a Zero Sum game.

Which means that I will need to start to focus on something that gives me issues all the time: Time Management.

I will have to start planning and working towards reaching this vague "more" that I want to do.

Now, I just have to find some time to think about when I will be able to do all of this more.