Donald Drumpf has decided that starting trade wars with countries is a good thing that will definitely not hurt the United States but, will actually help the United States. Because, apparently, he thinks trade wars are easy to win and trade deficits are the real problems with American society. Not the racism, police brutality, debtor's prisons, private prisons, mass incarceration, mass shootings, etc.

This morning he tweeted out his reasoning behind steel and aluminium tariffs as well as how countries can stop them from being implemented.:

According to Drumpf, NAFTA stole jobs and companies from America and moved them to Mexico and Canada which stole their value from America and made us worse and Canada and Mexico better. His zero sum gamification of everything will destroy America. Then he literally extorts the steel and aluminium tariffs for, a "new & fair NAFTA", better treatment of American farmers by Canada (which is part of NAFTA), and Mexico stopping the drug trade.

When Drumpf announced his tariffs last week, commentators thought it was directed at China for flooding the market with cheap steel and aluminium but, no, the tariffs are directed at our free trade partners in an effort to get a "new & fair NAFTA" signed. I know for a fact that we will not get a "new & fair NAFTA" by threatening your negotiating partners with a trade war if you don't get your way.

This is diplomacy at a 5 year old level: "You can't play with my toys unless you give me your toys." bullshit. This is why the world is looking at the United States like we're crazy fucking idiots. This and the insane amount of guns we have.