Gillette went and made an ad to back up a new campaign they are running.

Some say it is an attack on how men are raising boys.

Some say it is a small step to help men see that they do not have to be super masculine to be a man.

I do not understand the first reaction to this ad

It is a commercial to say, maybe there is a better way.

There are some

who think it is not a smart move because men have to be assholes, or something. I do not understand it.

I am in the camp of: Yes, there is a better way. No, men do not have to be creeps or assholes. Yes, men can have basic dignity.

I guess there are men out there who think that they should be able to take whatever they want whenever they want with no consequences because that's now the vikings lived or something. Again, I'm not sure what their belief system is. It isn't my belief system and I think that is the disconnect in the reaction to this commercial.

I am fairly positive that there will be no repercussions to the Gillette brand for this commercial. Much like the Nike boycott and other "stupid men boycotting brands because they suggested boys shouldn't be raised to be assholes boycotts" any suggested boycott will have no effect on Gillette.

It's not like Gillette is going to come out with a commercial in 2 or 3 months that's all, "remember that time we said we think men can do better? Yeah, f*ck that. We're advocating for The Purge now, suck it."