The new desk components have been ordered.

Now it is just a waiting game
Waiting for the order to go through.
Waiting for the delivery day and time to come.
Waiting to put everything together.
Waiting to get started.

Of course, some things have changed.

Instead of going with two Hemnes units I opted for two Malm units. This was due to height, modifications (I didn't want to spend time modifying if I didn't have to), and space. The photo that I was using for inspiration had two Karlby counter tops set on top of three Hemnes drawer units. If I only have space for one Karlby and two Hemnes the space in between the Hemnes units would be 12 inches. Which is way to small of a space for me to have a desk chair. Enter the Malm 3 drawer unit. With no feet and a smaller foot print it will achieve roughly the same look as my inspiration photo without the need to modify the actual unit.

I'm looking forward to starting this project next week.