The sub headline for Automation Orchard is "The place to find resources to help you automate your life".

This seems like a very nice round up of apps and services around the internet that you can hook into to set up automation routines to do what the tag line says. Except for one little missing service, Android.

There is no tag or catagory for Google or Android on the site.

I would change the tub headline to something like, "
The place to find resources to help you automate your life if you use mostly Apple services".

I would like to think that this wouldn't bother me so much but, in the two sentences used to describewhat the website does, the second sentence is:

Automation Orchard is collecting content from all over the web to give you a central repository where you can find everything about automation.

If you can find everything about automation on this site then, where are the Android, Google, and Google Assisstant categories? The website quite frankly, does not have everything you can find about automation without those.

And, I understand that this is a personal project and not something that should be considered to be the entirety of automation services. But, when you use language like that in your description and sub headline and don't have any information about a pretty significant service then I think you shouldn't use language that suggests you have links and information about everything automation.