Alex Svanevik writes on Medium about switching away from Evernote which starts off with this summary

As a consumer, I would much rather support a product that continues to innovate and impress customers rather than one that has become complacent.

I disagree with this thinking. I like to try out new and interesting apps and services, but I would much rather rely on apps that have a history of being solid and reliable rather than the new hotness that people are gushing over.

I disagree that taking the time to focus on stability rather than introducing new features makes a product that is complacent.

I am fully aware that Evernote has had issues with communication of features and pricing and marketing. I am not here to say that everyone should be using Evernote because their product is better than anything else that you can find. I am simply saying that just because another product introduces features doesn't mean that the product you are leaving is complacent.

And then there is always the possibility that Evernote will collapse and Notion will be the nest default note storing app that we have to use. Who knows, that's the nature of business.

Despite it's flaws, I am happy with how Evernote works. I do not feel the need to switch just because there is some other product that has "better" features.