My days normally follow a regular routine.

I get up between 8:30 and 9:00 am. Make a cup or three of coffee using the Keurig. Open my Chromebook and sit on the couch and read RSS feeds for a few hours. Then I notice that I haven't done anything with my day so I do chores for about 30 minutes. All of a sudden, it's 2 pm and time to get ready for work.

It sucks to realize that you've wasted way a day doing nothing but, reading articles and looking at pictures online. I could have been using that time to exercise and get in shape, read actual books instead of clickbait articles, or even learn a new skill.

So, today, I am saying that I am done with that routine. That routine lead to procrastination and the "I don't want to do this now" thinking that has contributed to the feeling of being stuck that I've lived with for years. It will be hard to make the adjustment. There will be times that I don't want to do what I've planned for the day. I know I will stumble and fail on the way. I will forgive myself for those stumbles and start again the next day. I am to get better at being the person that I want to be instead of continuing to be the person that I am.

I've said all this to myself many, many times over the years and I've failed to break the habit. Why will this time be different? I don't know if it will. But, I want to try to break the old habits that I've built and start new habits that will lead me to where I want to be.

I want to be more active. I want to read more books. I want to be in better health. I want to learn new things. I want to grow as a person. I want to change. Sitting on the couch reading RSS feeds hasn't helped me change so far so, I must change what I'm doing.

I don't know if it will stick but, I hope it will. I'm going to give it my best shot and try not to get discouraged when I miss a day, try not to beat myself up for a misstep and instead get back up and continue on the road to change.