I have not been tracking or logging anything for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

I had felt like it wasn't doing anything. There was no motivational umph to it. There was no reason I was doing it other than to do it. So, I stopped doing it.

I think that was a mistake.

Today I'm am starting to track and log things again. I am doing this because I believe that it will be the beginning of a trend for me. A feeling that I am accomplishing something. A quantifiable thing to look at as I start to work toward some personal goals that I am beginning to flesh out and brainstorm.

So, I am going to be logging what I eat and drink into my Fitbit app again. I'm going to start weighing myself again and throwing that into Fitbit. I'm going to start up the bullet journal that I have neglected for too long to track my chores, tasks, to do's, wants, goals, and ideas. I'm going to start reviewing my day in Exist.io again.

I'm going to to all of this and more as the holiday season starts because I want to hit the ground running come 2018 and not let my demotivational procrastination derail me from reaching the goals that I vaguely hold as intangible ideas.