Ben Brooks has a reply to a specific passage from a post at Working Mother about Jeff Bezos thoughts on work/life balance

Life shouldn’t be hard, as a "boss" I always felt it was asinine to make life harder by making someone be chained to set hours when they "have" to work.

This is a great attitude to have as a boss when your work is not time dependent.

What is time dependent? Any hourly employee who has a scheduled shift that starts at a specific time and ends at another specific time is time dependent. I can't allow my employees an hour off during their 8 hour warehouse shift to go grocery shopping; I would lose my job. If I was managing an office where the deadlines were not in the next 2-5 hours, then I would absolutely be able to give an employee an hour off to go shopping.

Work/Life balance is preached from on high by those people who have the time of work that allows them to have Work/Life balance.

The best part of the Working Mother post is the last sentence:

The key to it all, as Bezos' advice then therefore suggests, is finding that cyclic harmony.

Over complicate a sentence much?