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I did not see anything in this article dehumanizing workers.

I am in the logistics industry and, there are many things that can be improved upon, nothing in the article strikes me as dehumanizing and awful work. That is, if you go into the job expecting warehouse work, you shouldn't be surprised to get warehouse work.

I don't want to go point by point, but some of the big points are:

Working 10 hours - the person signed up for a 10 hour schedule, why are they surprised they would be working 10 hours?

The computer tracks you - Amazon is a business and needs to know how that business is performing so there are metrics that should be meet by employees; those metrics have to be tracked somehow.

Inadequate Training - This is a valid point and more training should have been provided.

Let's not forget that fulfillment is hard work. While we cheer Doctors and Nurses (rightfully), and thank grocery store workers and truck drivers, the people who are packaging your purchases for shipping are often forgot. They do hard work to make sure you get your iPad or bamboo bath mat when the company says you will get it.

Let's not expect a warehouse to be a work environment with no accountability for job performance.

No work place should be without accountability.

Once again John Gruber shows he still doesn't understand why the Justice Department went after Apple for eBooks in 2013

Time for the Justice Department to investigate Apple’s music business.

The monoploy that the Justice Department sued Apple for was because they were price fixing ebooks in the iBooks store with the largest publishers, not because they had more customers for digital books than Amazon.

It is not serprising that Amazon can scale services better and faster than Apple; they have been doing that for years.

A short summary of the timeline

The Wall Street Journal published Lyrics Site Accuses Google of Lifting its Content with an update on June 16.

The internet freaks out because "Look Google is stealing stuff!"

On Monday June 17 John Gruber at Daring Fireball shares his thoughts

It’s preposterous that Google is denying that they did anything wrong here. They truly were caught red-handed.

Of course Google is wrong because they're Google, they lie, cheat, and steal to try to beat Apple. <-- my summary of Gruber's thesis

On Tuesday June 18 Mike Masnick at Techdirt

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about Google, but the fact that its properly licensed lyrics matches someone else's properly licensed lyrics, doesn't seem like one of them.

This is just a freak out because Google is always bad. <-- my summary of Masnick's thesis

Today Mike Masnick at Techdirt shared an update

But a totally misleading and ginned up story that does not accurately portray the situation or the law is not helping anything but the outrage machine.

My question is simple:

Will the outraged people accussing Google of stealing check their outrage now that Microsoft and Amazon are doing the same thing? Especially since they've legally licsensed the lyrics from the labels anyway?

My gut answer is simple:

I highly doubt it.