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Summary of Obamagate as far as I can follow:

The DOJ decided to drop the charges against Flynn - who plead guilty to the charges. After that decision, there are allegations that surface that top Obama administration officials requested, or somehow otherwise knew Flynn was the person colluding with Russia for the Trump campaign. The argument now is that any information that was found during the investigation into Flynn is worthless because senior Obama administration officials requested, or knew if was Flynn? Also, since the FBI didn't tell the Trump campaign it was investigating the Trump campaign for collusion with Russia the information and evidence of collusion are worthless because the FBI didn't tell Trump that his campaign was being investigated.

If this summary is correct then all I can say is that the GOP is looking for a reason to explain away the DOJ dropping charges against a person who plead guilty to the charges and the only way the GOP knows how to explain anything is to yell, "Obama".