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#1851 – My coffee

I was dismayed this week when I weighed in for the first time this year at 260 pounds.

This is 40 pounds above my lowest weight from 2017. 2018 was not a good year for losing weight.

I'm going to make a change to get my weight under control.

Every morning I will walk on the treadmill while I watch an episode of Battlestar Galattica or Orphan Black.

I will eat Fast Food less (ideally not at all). I will eat more fruit and vegetables.

It's December. The year is almost over. Instead of looking back at 2018 and seeing how much I wanted to do that I didn't do; I am using this month to look forward to 2019. To begin thinking about what I want to accomplish. To start putting some ideas down. To start brain storming Goals. To start the process of turning over a new leaf. To begin.

I started a note in my notebook this morning:

I Want To ...
read more
write more
clean more
exercise more
* cook more

There is definitely a theme going on as I start to look toward 2019. I want to do more which ultimately I have to do less. I have to reduce somethings in order to increase others. Time is a Zero Sum game.

Which means that I will need to start to focus on something that gives me issues all the time: Time Management.

I will have to start planning and working towards reaching this vague "more" that I want to do.

Now, I just have to find some time to think about when I will be able to do all of this more.

One of the Goals I set out to work on at the beginning of the year was to be more productive.

I want to be clear that my idea of Productivity is going to be a bit different than the traditional idea of productivity. I'm not concerned with how much stuff I'm doing but, rather with what stuff I'm doing. Am I working on Goals and Projects I want to be working on? Am I sticking to the Chore and Cleaning Plan I created? Am I missing something that will help me move forward? Do I want to continue doing the things that I'm doing?

My idea of Producticity is much more inline with the idea of Focus.

I want and need to sit down one day this week and Focus on how I want my system to work.

I want a system that will be flexible enough for me to work mindfully and thoughtfully. I want a system where I can throw things in a digital place and still feel comfortable using an analog notebook.

I think my best bet here is to use a version of Getting Things Done that relies heavily on Capture and Review. Which is I'm remembering my read through is the main focus of the system.

I just need to set up a system that I am comfortable with and that I will follow.

And that is the hard part.

I know that I should spend 15 - 20 minutes planning out the next day the night before. But, after I come home from work, I just want to veg out for a bit and not worry about the next day. Then in the morning I just want to drink coffee and not worry about what I am supposed to be working on until it's time to go to work. That is my procrastiation problem. That is what I want to work on stopping.

The laziness that is inherent in my morning "routine" is what drives me batty and what I want to change. I just need to buckle down and actually get to start doing the things that I want to do to make that change.

It's past time I list out the things that I want to work on in 2018.

I have two main goals that I want to focus on this year.

Lost Weight

Save Money

I am not a healthy person. I believe that. I weigh too much for my height, I have a BMI in the 30's. I have a gut. I get out of breath easily.

I am tired of it.

I know it will be difficult at 38 to get start a workout and healthy eating routine but, it has become apparent to me that I need to change or else I will continue to be unhappy.

It's not like I wanted to become an overweight, mediocre, middle age, white man. At one point I'm sure I had aspirations and visions and goals and such. I mean, don't most people have those things? I just fell off the, "I am going to work to become a better person" bandwagon somewhere in my late 20's and early 30's. I don't really remember why, or if there was even a conscious moment when I said I was going to stop. It just kind of happened and became my routine. I know I've been tired of this routine for awhile now. But, I've been the best procrastinator in the history of procrastination and haven't started working on it because

As for the second goal. It's pretty easy to explain.

I'm tired of spending all my money on useless things. I'm tired of running credit card debt for stupid purchases. I'm tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I'm tired of wondering if I'll have enough to save for retirement.

Pretty much everything I want to work on this year boils down to: "I'm tired of X".

I have not been tracking or logging anything for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

I had felt like it wasn't doing anything. There was no motivational umph to it. There was no reason I was doing it other than to do it. So, I stopped doing it.

I think that was a mistake.

Today I'm am starting to track and log things again. I am doing this because I believe that it will be the beginning of a trend for me. A feeling that I am accomplishing something. A quantifiable thing to look at as I start to work toward some personal goals that I am beginning to flesh out and brainstorm.

So, I am going to be logging what I eat and drink into my Fitbit app again. I'm going to start weighing myself again and throwing that into Fitbit. I'm going to start up the bullet journal that I have neglected for too long to track my chores, tasks, to do's, wants, goals, and ideas. I'm going to start reviewing my day in again.

I'm going to to all of this and more as the holiday season starts because I want to hit the ground running come 2018 and not let my demotivational procrastination derail me from reaching the goals that I vaguely hold as intangible ideas.