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Andrea shares a list of things to do when things get overwhelming.

I think it is a good list.

things I do when things are too much and the world is too much and I can't breathe, part three:

polish collected seashells
smell the insides of library books
move my body until I am tired and sweating and my mind is quiet
listen to the last voicemail my mother left me
stand in the green grass in my bare feet

A very good list

  1. What am I taking for granted this week?

  2. Who helps to keep the comforts of my life coming to me?

  3. What systems are helping my life to run right now?

  4. Three mundane things that I do almost daily that I’m grateful for.

  5. Five utilitarian things I use in my life, why I’m grateful for them, and some of the factors and circumstances that help bring those into my life.