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Interstellar might be one of my favorite movies from Christopher Nolan. Don't talk to me about the plot holes, or how the science is wrong, or how black holes are big and scary, or how time doesn't work that way.

It is a beautifully shot movie about a father's journey to save his family in a future that involves the human race almost dying from lack of food. This isn't a true story and the science doesn't have to be perfect, there can be leeway. There can be science fiction in a science fiction story.

I mean, just look at this cold, bleak, lifeless planet.

Or this dust bowl era farming set

Beautiful shots in a gorgeous movie.

via FuchSpur

Quick thought on CGI and close ups in action sequences.

The opening scene is a car / motorcycle chase. The motorcycle chase happens on the roof of the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. And for some unthinkable reason Sam Mendes decided to add close ups of Daniel Craig that look horrible. Instead of seeing this amazing chase happen from above and behind we are treated to a minute of cuts of various angles that do nothing but take us out of the action. I don't want to see Bond's face. I know he's concentrating on not falling off the damned roof.

Not even the obviously fake Komodo Dragons are as bad as the cuts to Daniel Craig's face in that motorcycle chase.