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Om Malik

In addition to sharing his thoughts on technology at Om.co, Om Malik enjoys sharing his photography.

I really enjoy his stark style and serene landscapes that mainly focus on a single subject.

A perfect example is this photo of a tree in Yosemite Valley.

I highly recommend following him on Instagram.

How digital media killed itself

Om Malik on publishers

And it is not just digital publishers. Even traditional media outlets are so, for the lack of a better word,



When your money comes from advertising you have to reach as many eyeballs as possible to claim a larger impact on the ads you show. That means that you have to water down your coverage and focus on the most broadly appealing stories. And not do the hard work of journalism; asking if this story is actually news.

Untitled Note

Not sure what to pull out specifically from this article because it all has the feel of 'Old Man Yelling at Cloud' to me.

I'm not saying there are no valid points in here at all. I'm saying that complaining that social media is showing you memes and extrapolating that it is broken from that is not a good point. If you are disappointed in the conversations you are seeing on social media, change your social media strategy. I see more and more of the important conversations on Twitter than just memes and jokes but, I also see the sarcastic comments on the racist tweet of the day. I get great recommendations from YouTube on what to watch, I also get stupid recommendations. If you watch a bunch of a certain type of video and YouTube isn't surfacing more of that type of video then that is a problem and you should investigate that because in my experience YouTube's algorithm surfaces similar videos really well.

Now, get off my lawn with your contradicting opinion about how the internet works for you.