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Okay. Interesting point from Patrick Rhone.

1. Analyze Obamagate without being divisive
2. Analyze Stay at Home without being divisive
3. Analyze the importance of the USPS without being divisive
n. Analyze any hot button issue in our national discourse without being divisive

Patrick Rhone

If you love something digital — writing, journalling, a blog post, anything — and you want to preserve it for hundreds of years, you’ll print it on paper.
Nothing digital lasts. In fact, it has a proven track record of not lasting.

This is just masturbatory projection. I dislike this type of blanket statement of fact.

Paper doesn't last for hundreds of years if it's not cared for.
Who is going to care for your Hobonichi journal once you're gone?
Who is going to preserve the blog post you copied to 60 gsm paper and meticulously calligraphied to look like an old time bible Okay if it looks good enough some one might preserve this

The idea that you have to save and preserve your ramblings and thoughts and tasks and goals and whatever you use your notebook or blog for is just ... well, pedestrian. Your thoughts on productivity, what Apple should release, how Google is horrible, or whatever your writing about will most likely not impact anyone in 10, 20, or 100 years. No matter what format you use.

It's not like we're all looking to some random Roman baker for ideas on how to live our lives now. What ideas are we stealing from The Enlightenment? Not Sherry's recipe for crow pie. It is a select few who get to echo through the ages and let's face it, you're blog about Apple probably isn't going to resonate with anyone soon.

But, hey, I could be wrong and your blog about minimalism is the one that people find in a future that has no idea about Stoicism or the ancient human cultures that birthed the philosophy and you become the new Marcus Aurelius.
Do you care?
You won't be there to see it.
You won't be there to direct it.
You won't be there to shape it.

No, my friends, seek not to preserve your writing for generations to come. Write for yourself and if it gets saved then count it a blessing. But, do not fret about trying to preserve your words. Do not think that you have to preserve your words.

Patrick Rhone recently shared a picture of his journal and I have to say that it makes anything that I have attempted to do look like a notebook with a blank page in it.

I would love to be able to create a journal like Patrick's but, I have found that I do not know how to create a journal like Patrick's.

I wonder if it's something that I just need to start doing and try new things and not worry about what it looks like. I think it is.

Patrick Rhone shares a thought about kindness that struck me.

But, kindness is like that. Sometimes, this thing we do that we think will have a huge impact is a small gesture to those that receive it. Other times, the smallest gesture of kindness can be life-changing. We, the giver, don’t get to decide what has meaning and what doesn’t. We don’t get to know up front. And that’s good. Just be kind, and do kind things, big and small. Because, any kindness can outlast us.

We can never know how someone will take our actions. So, a good idea is to default to kindness. After all, we never really know what other people are struggling with unless they tell us.