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This photo of the sun rising in Belgium is pretty sublime.

Two miles does not sound like very far to drive.

"It's just down the road." can mean a 10 to 15 minute drive. But, in the landscape view 2 miles is a pretty big difference.

First view of Half Dome and El Capitan on Hwy 41 driving into Yosemite Valley.

As you come around this corer you can see the granite formations that Yosemite is famous for for the first time. They are impressive, but no match for the better known Tunnel View.

Although you can see Half Dome better the first time, you still get a better understanding of the layout of Yosemite Valley from tunnel view. There is the slightest hint of the valley in the first view, but at Tunnel View it spreads out before you. You see the enormity of El Capitan for the first time.

I've been in Yosemite on vacation this week. Thursday we drove around the Valley and I spent some time walking around and taking photos. Here are some of my favorites from the day trip.

Tunnel View

This is always a stunning view. It was especially clear on the way down to the valley. You can see a control burn in progress.

This shadow of a tree on a very calm Merced river was a great find on one of my walks.

Merced River in the Valley

El Capitan is a force of nature. It is almost impossible to put into words how big this granite wall is.

Bridalveil Falls

The scenery around Yosemite Valley is always impressive. I enjoy all the time that I spend in my favorite National Park.

This concept car looks like a Fachugger from Alien.



Amazing composite image of the Moon with Earth's shadow on it from APOD.

Hoopoe action by Phil Davson




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I love this photo. The clouds that make the tree fade in the background, the reflections in the water, the poses of the flamingos, all combine to give a sense of a subtle dance going on that we are just barely able to understand.

The beginning of a love story.

初夏 by 蓝琳

I like that backpack. Does that make me a hipster?

Hipster young girl with backpack by Oleksandr Boiko

Hipster young girl with backpack hiking in the mountains and enjoying a beautiful nature. Travel concept

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