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Paradiso by Dave Suñol

shooting at ibiza

Dave Suñol: Photos

John Berkey

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This photo of Grand Central Terminal in New York is breathtaking. The sunlight streaking through the dust is magnificent.

I only wish that it was in color.


I enjoy a good photo of a train and
photo of a steam train near Bury, England is a fantastic photo of a train.

As always the Astronomy Picture of the Day website gives us an amazing photo of our universe. This time it is a photo of the Milky Way and the Zodiacal Light in the same sky.

Dueling Bands

There are a lot of places that hold special memories.
But, what are perfect places, anyway?

Simply stunning photos from Petri Juntunen in his series At the Heart of It All.

My favorite is this barely illuminated outpost along a fence. Anything could be hiding in the darkness.

via: this isn't happiness.

In my continued appreciation of all things lighthouses I present to you one from the arctic.

From a series of photos by Evgenia Arbugaeva documenting Vyacheslav Korotki living alone in the arctic.

via 99% Invisible