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This photo of the sun rising in Belgium is pretty sublime.

In addition to sharing his thoughts on technology at, Om Malik enjoys sharing his photography.

I really enjoy his stark style and serene landscapes that mainly focus on a single subject.

A perfect example is this photo of a tree in Yosemite Valley.

I highly recommend following him on Instagram.

This photo of Grand Central Terminal in New York is breathtaking. The sunlight streaking through the dust is magnificent.

I only wish that it was in color.


Simply stunning photos from Petri Juntunen in his series At the Heart of It All.

My favorite is this barely illuminated outpost along a fence. Anything could be hiding in the darkness.

via: this isn't happiness.

Simply sublime.

via This isn't happiness

Stunning photograph

100 Steps Forward

via Astronomy Picture of the Day

Some simply, amazing photographs of the night sky over Finland and Iceland by Mikko Lagerstedt.

My favorite might be the old ship but, it is really hard to pick just one. You can find more of photos shared on Instagram and his website

via Colossal

From The Atlantic Photos of the Week comes this amazing picture of The Northern Lights in Norway.

From the always excellent The Atlantic Photos of the Week feature comes this photo of a surfer in England.

So good. It makes me wish I was surfing in England even though I don't surf.