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Short Movie Review

More explosions, more screaming, more jokes.

Still not a good plot.

Still entertaining.

Short Movie Review

Robots in disguise that somehow get bigger when they transform.

People screaming and explosions. Lots of explosions.

Who needs a plot when you have comedic action?

Short Movie Review

What if I told you this was the dawn of a new age in effects?

The acting could be better.

The story is top notch, so is the action.

Short Movie Review

A CGI tour of a boring "Sci-fi" story.

No character development.

Not as fun as The Fifth Element.

Short Movie Review

A boy with powerful magic must take a journey to find powerful artifacts to protect himself from powerful enemies. A wonderfully made stop motion movie that combines CGI deftly to tell a great story of family lost and found, personal growth, and conquering fears.

Short Movie Review

A London police officer is transferred to the country and uncovers a murderous conspiracy. An over the top action comedy that is well acted, well directed, and extremely entertaining.

Short Movie Review

The story of a duped drug mule who gets super powers.

He is perhaps the most dangerous man who ever lived.

A white man shows up in town and all hell breaks loose. The man with no name makes money playing two bosses off each other.

Short Movie Review

A beautifully shot revenge story. "I ain't afraid to die anymore. I done it already."

Short Movie Review

Epic space battles, a race to save humankind, and a conspiracy. Also, an Immortal Space Pirate. What's not to love?