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This piece speaks volumes to me.

Trying to break out of habit and routine to create new habits and routines is like finding freedom that you didn't know you had.


Beautiful scene in this woodblock.


Every time I see this GIF I hear it yelling "YA HEARD ME?" to the world

Every. Single. Time.

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Today in the advice column

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Sometimes a movie poster just isn't good enough.

Sometimes it needs a new version.

This is one of those times.

Here is the original

And here is an updated version from Ben Whitesell

A more modern take on the poster to one of my favorite westerns of all time.

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When people tell you to "stay positive."

Pretty much. I'm all for encouragement in times of trouble but, sometimes it is just empty words.

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Simply Fantastic photos from Hengki Koentjoro that are striking in their stark beauty.

My favorite is this one

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When parents say, "Go to your room and think about what you've done." It's actually really good practice for what you'll do every night as an adult