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Sean Blanda does a lot of research before traveling.

On the other hand I do very minimal research: pick a destination and go, I'll figure out what to do when I get there. Spontaneity is your friend when you're on vacation: do not over plan your vacation.


Paul Krugman
has a great tweet about the Stock Market

For inquiring minds:
Why did the market suddenly plunge? I have no idea.
Will it keep going down, or bounce back? I have no idea.
Is this going to translate into problems for the real economy? I have no idea.
But what you need to know is: nobody else has any idea, either.

This is why I call my blog No Idea. Because nobody really has any idea what's going on.


I do not understand the idea that a party would hold something hostage that they want to renew to get a short term fix that they don't want.

It is mind boggling that this is how the United States seems to be working today.