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Voting Proposal

I have thoughts on [this voting proposal](


The voting age starts at 10, or maybe 12, but you don’t get a full vote at that age. At 12, say, you get 1/10 of a vote. For every year your age increases, your vote total increases by 1/10. So at 13, you’d get 2/10 of a vote, at 14, 3/10, etc.

At 18, it jumps to 10/10 or one vote and then begins to increase by 1/10 a year until the age of 35, where you’d have a huge 2.7 votes — then it starts decreasing again until it eventually goes down to 0.5 of a vote and stays there until your death.

This is an interesting proposal. We do not have to weight the votes for young people against old people to avoid the "absolute de facto power" older people have now.

No, we have to get young people to actually vote. To care about what is happening. This is a lot harder to do than weighting the votes of young people to skew the favor of the voting process.

My plan is simpler: A national holiday every year when elections are held. It doesn't have to be the second Tuesday in November, any day would be fine. The first Monday of March would be good. Any election that any principality (local, state, federal) has would be scheduled for that day and all voters would get that day off, even if there was no election in their district.