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I have gained weight.

I once weighed 165 pounds. But, that was 20 years ago when I was a lanky, active athlete playing soccer and basketball in high school. Since then I have become less active all while keeping my bad eating habits: lots of Fast Food and not a lot of fruits and vegetables.

I reached my heaviest weight of 275 pounds in April of 2014. I reached my lowest weight of 215 pounds in February of 2017.

I am now sitting pretty at 260 pounds.

This is not good. According to the CDC BMI Calculator I should be between 136 to 184 pounds.

Now, I highly doubt that I will ever truly be able to get back to my high school weight; even if I drastically changed my diet and exercise. But, I can work to loss weight and get in better change by changing my diet and the amount of exercise I get. One of the ways I can do that is to follow the new Canada guidelines that are detailed in the photo below. Drastically increase the amount of fruits and vegetables I eat, while drastically decreasing the amount of fast food I eat. I also need to get waaaaaaaay more exercise than I do now. Even though my Fitbit tells me that I get 20k steps in during work, I need to do actual exercise and not just rely on walking around a warehouse for "exercise".

The question is: How do I get these changes to stick?

I have tried to do this before, see that weight drop from 2014-2017? That was a lot of work and I have let it go out of laziness. I need to do better. I want to do better. I would love to be able to run around a soccer field again without falling down after 5 minutes.

But, I am lazy. Just look at the publish date below - Jan 2019 - and I'm just now getting around to saying, "Yeah, I should probably to something different".

Here's to starting to make some changes.

So, let's go do this.

Jan 22, 2019

Canada’s new Food Guide is out! Looks to be much better and more in line with current nutritional science. I am sure the meat, dairy and egg industries are upset #goplantbased

Canada’s Food Guide

I was dismayed this week when I weighed in for the first time this year at 260 pounds.

This is 40 pounds above my lowest weight from 2017. 2018 was not a good year for losing weight.

I'm going to make a change to get my weight under control.

Every morning I will walk on the treadmill while I watch an episode of Battlestar Galattica or Orphan Black.

I will eat Fast Food less (ideally not at all). I will eat more fruit and vegetables.

I am not happy with myself.

I am not happy with my weight. I weigh 251.8 lbs.

While not my heaviest (275 lbs back in 2015) it is 25 lbs more than my lightest (225 lbs last year). I let my self go. I let myself slide back into old habits. Eating Fast Food more than I should (which is hardly ever). Not eating at regular times. Snacking endlessly before heading to bed.

There are a multitude of things that I can do to get my weight back under control and start to lose the pounds that I have gained. I need to refocus my efforts and put in the work to start losing weight again.

No more Fast Food

More Fruits and Vegetables

More Home Cooked Meals

Less Snacking

Reduce Sweets (part of #4)

With these 5 steps I think I will have a solid base to start losing weight. Of course, the next step after getting these steps set as habits (or maybe not next steps but, same time steps) is to start exercising on a regular basis.

According to my FitBit data, I don't have a problem reaching my 15,000 step goal on the days I work. This isn't a surprise because I work in a warehouse on my feet for 8-12 hr shits so, I'm going to move a lot.

But, the fact that I am so active during the work week and still putting on the pounds tells me I need to do more. I need to do more.

I am not happy with my habits.

I will not bore you with everything that I want to change. Just know that I am tired of doing things the way I do things because the way I do things is not helping me grow as a person. I am tired of feeling like I'm stuck being a 20-something in a 30-something life. It's not where I want to be mentally.

I need to take some time and focus on what I want to do and ponder what habits I have that need to be changed so that I can get to where I think I want to be.

I've lost focus on my goal of losing weight this year. I was doing extremely well last year. But this year I have added some weight back.

I started 2017 at 217 pounds. I weighed in today at 230 pounds. A 13 pound increase. Which is basically where I was at the start of 2016.

I lost focus and started eating fast food more. I thought that since I was staying active with my job it wouldn't have that much of an impact on my weight. I also lost focus on weighing myself to keep me motivated and on track.

When you go a week without weighing in and see an increase in 2-3 or 5 pounds it can really demotivate you. At least, it can demotivate me.

My thought process was pretty much:

Well, I already gained the weight so what's the point?

This is not a good thought process to sink into. It is extremely difficult for me to break out of that circle. And this year proved it. If I've already gained some weight what's the point of worrying about more weight? Now I'm back where I was at the beginning of 2016 and looking to start all over again.

So, here's the plan:

No more fast food.

More salads and fruits and vegetables in general.

More home cooked meals and less frozen meals.

No soda or sugary drinks - water only

More exercise.

Hoepfully, as I start this plan and refine it and improve it I can get back on track and start losing the weight that I foolishly gained in my twenties.

I turned 37 on Tuesday. I need a pick me up. I've been in a funk and focusing on a dumb number for the last couple of days. So,, when I need an easy pick me up, where do I turn to? My weight loss.

It seems like an unlikely place for me to find good news but, when I looked this morning at my journey I was pleased with what I saw. That first red arrow son the left is when I started tracking my weight in August of 2010 at 256 pounds. The heaviest I got is the red arrow in the middle when I was 274 pounds in April of 2014. And finally on the right I am 221 pounds. A loss of 53 pounds over six years.

That's good news. Now I have a new goal. I want to be 200 pounds January 1st. That's 21 pounds in 3 months. I will not get discouraged if I don't make it. It's just something that I'm shooting for, informally. I will work on eating fresh, home cooked meals with more fruits and vegetables until the end of the year. I will try to eat fast food as little as possible. I want to join a gym so that I can do some weight lifting to build more muscle but, that is not high on the list of things I need to do as the holidays come.

I'll leave this as motivation for myself.

Me in 2014:

Me in 2016:

A little less fat. A little older. Maybe wiser, maybe not. But, definitely a work in progress.