I may or may not have bought a Lamy 2000 today.

I have been eyeing this pen for about 2 years now.

Okay, okay. I did. I totally did.
It should be here tomorrow.

It’s a fact. There’s no denying it. No one can see the words Mortal Kombat and not hear “MORTAL KOMBAT” and the theme music. It is just a fact of life.

PNC Bank has acquired BBVA (pending approval) which is the bank that Simple uses for banking. Just saw a commercial from PNC Bank that advertised a feature like Simple Goals.

Hopefully that means Simple festires will live on in a national bank.

TIL that bees do not have ears

Inspired by @ohBananaJoe I went down the minimalist home screen.

Some lines in movies are just too good.

First it will tear my soul apart. Then it will kill me.

Ashitaka talking about the mark the demon gave him before the demon was killed.

Currently watching Princess Mononoke 🍿

I think Microsoft should bring back the Metro OS style for feature phones instead of trying to compete with Google and Apple on the smartphone level.

Today’s wisdom


Or maybe I just don’t know what I want to do yet.

Today’s wisdom



I love when I ask myself,

Did I pause the music, or is it just that quiet?

Just love that.

Stuck in Lockdown?
What are you going to do?
Glad you asked:

Rewrite an 80’s pop hit and perform it with your family for the world to see.

Wait. How did it become three in the morning? I said to myself again.

I’ll put links in the description for where you can buy the iPad Pro and the M1 MacBook

My out loud response in the empty room:

Um, Anywhere.

One of my goals this year is to become more intentional with my money. Instead of looking at my bank accoiunt and saying i have x dollars to spend; I want to look at my bank acciunt as I have x dollars to save.

Proposal for new American slogan:

You can have anything you want. But you better not take it from me.

Test. Does micro.blog support Vimeo inbeds?

Kong: Skull Island is a better movie than it has a right to be. I mean, a giant ape living on a newly discovered island? That’s just wild.

I am enjoying the Universal monster movie series. They have done a great job bringing Godzilla and the other monstersto the big screen.

I hate when I have those, “I should do X” moments and you think to yourself that you’ll remember what X is in 5-10 or 30 minutes and then when you do remember that you thought you should do X you have completely forgotten what X was in the first place.

Shia Surprise!

🎵 One of my favorit bands is Kindeythieves and Fist Up is a pretty good song to start with. 🎵

This weekend’s MCU rewatch in time line order movie is Thor 🍿

Remember pagers?

Everytime I see or hear Buccatini I have to say it in the style of the Jawas.

Today’s wisdom provided by Austin Kleon

Spend time on something that will outlast them.

As the saying goes, Revenge is a dish best served cold.
I think that’s wrong.
To me, living a better life is better revenge.