Pay attention to those times when you feel like you are rushing. Rushing does not have to do with speed. You can rush moving slowly, and you can rush moving quickly.

-Joseph Goldstein

I find that I tell my employees more and more to slow down and take a breath when things are busy at work. The idea that, yes it is busy, but also we make more mistakes when we're rushing is a hard one to get across to some people.

It's December. The year is almost over. Instead of looking back at 2018 and seeing how much I wanted to do that I didn't do; I am using this month to look forward to 2019. To begin thinking about what I want to accomplish. To start putting some ideas down. To start brain storming Goals. To start the process of turning over a new leaf. To begin.

I started a note in my notebook this morning:

I Want To ...
read more
write more
clean more
exercise more
* cook more

There is definitely a theme going on as I start to look toward 2019. I want to do more which ultimately I have to do less. I have to reduce somethings in order to increase others. Time is a Zero Sum game.

Which means that I will need to start to focus on something that gives me issues all the time: Time Management.

I will have to start planning and working towards reaching this vague "more" that I want to do.

Now, I just have to find some time to think about when I will be able to do all of this more.

Derek Sivers writes about constraints in a very broad brush

Life can be improved by adding, or by subtracting. The world pushes us to add, because that benefits them. But the secret is to focus on subtracting.

I have been thinking lately that I need to make changes to how I approach life in order to get to where I want to be.

I have some vague goals that I want to work toward in 2019 and I am trying to focus them into SMART steps to be successful. I guess the first step would be to subtract what I do not really need to focus on.

Sometimes the secret to success is subtracting.

Seth Godin gives me something to ponder today:

Sooner or later, all motivation is self motivation. And the challenge and opportunity is in finding the external forces that will soon become internal ones.

I struggle with motivation. A lot.

I call it procrastination. In reality it is a lack of motivation. Goals that I want to work on go unnoticed. Tasks I want to complete keep getting pushed back. It is not procrastination if it is a daily habit. It is a lack of motivation.

If all motivation is self motivation then how do I find my self motivation?

I've been thinking today about News and how people can call it biased. Here are some quick thoughts.

News itself is not biased. An Event either happened or not.

Commentary on the News is biased. A person's thoughts, beliefs, ideology or opinions will definitely put bias on how they cover the News.

An example from the past week.

This is news:

George H.W. Bush passed away.

This is commentary:

George H.W. Bush has a legacy that will be shown in history as one of the best of American presidents

You can not argue that George H.W. Bush passed away.

You can argue what his legacy will be.

This post News that we still call News is not really News.

It is Commentary and while part of the News Cycle is not News.

Ben Brooks has a reply to a specific passage from a post at Working Mother about Jeff Bezos thoughts on work/life balance

Life shouldn’t be hard, as a "boss" I always felt it was asinine to make life harder by making someone be chained to set hours when they "have" to work.

This is a great attitude to have as a boss when your work is not time dependent.

What is time dependent? Any hourly employee who has a scheduled shift that starts at a specific time and ends at another specific time is time dependent. I can't allow my employees an hour off during their 8 hour warehouse shift to go grocery shopping; I would lose my job. If I was managing an office where the deadlines were not in the next 2-5 hours, then I would absolutely be able to give an employee an hour off to go shopping.

Work/Life balance is preached from on high by those people who have the time of work that allows them to have Work/Life balance.

The best part of the Working Mother post is the last sentence:

The key to it all, as Bezos' advice then therefore suggests, is finding that cyclic harmony.

Over complicate a sentence much?

I enjoy a good photo of a train and
photo of a steam train near Bury, England is a fantastic photo of a train.

I am not happy with myself.

I am not happy with my weight. I weigh 251.8 lbs.

While not my heaviest (275 lbs back in 2015) it is 25 lbs more than my lightest (225 lbs last year). I let my self go. I let myself slide back into old habits. Eating Fast Food more than I should (which is hardly ever). Not eating at regular times. Snacking endlessly before heading to bed.

There are a multitude of things that I can do to get my weight back under control and start to lose the pounds that I have gained. I need to refocus my efforts and put in the work to start losing weight again.

No more Fast Food

More Fruits and Vegetables

More Home Cooked Meals

Less Snacking

Reduce Sweets (part of #4)

With these 5 steps I think I will have a solid base to start losing weight. Of course, the next step after getting these steps set as habits (or maybe not next steps but, same time steps) is to start exercising on a regular basis.

According to my FitBit data, I don't have a problem reaching my 15,000 step goal on the days I work. This isn't a surprise because I work in a warehouse on my feet for 8-12 hr shits so, I'm going to move a lot.

But, the fact that I am so active during the work week and still putting on the pounds tells me I need to do more. I need to do more.

I am not happy with my habits.

I will not bore you with everything that I want to change. Just know that I am tired of doing things the way I do things because the way I do things is not helping me grow as a person. I am tired of feeling like I'm stuck being a 20-something in a 30-something life. It's not where I want to be mentally.

I need to take some time and focus on what I want to do and ponder what habits I have that need to be changed so that I can get to where I think I want to be.

Lucy Bellwood on Twitter has some fantastic advice.

Well worth remembering that sometimes there is nothing you can do, other than just being present for the ones you care about.

As a Royals fan I am okay with relegation in the MLB univerise.