Short Movie Review

A disaster movie that focuses more on people than destruction. Better story and acting that the other comet movie of 1998 - Armageddon.

Fantastic story about a surf photographer who prefers the artic to the tropical.

An example of his work

Stunning. Simply stunning.


Baby Godzilla Lizard


Short Movie Review

A campy, monster movie with some bad jokes.


Matthew Broderick loves a giant lizard.

The Pleiades Star Cluster


>Time have not become more violent. They have just become more televised.

- Marilyn Manson

Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical

  • Yogi Bera

Sometimes there are months that just sneak up on you. June is that month for me.

I bought a smaller computer case this year. I would like to put my PC into that by the end of June.

I was one of the lucky few who received the original Google CR-48. I know that there is a way to install Linux instead of ChromeOS onto the laptop. I would like to get that working this month as well. I have a Acer C720 that I use daily and really enjoy so, if something does go sideways I won't be without a laptop to use.

I passed my Spring semester Calculus I class with a 'C'. I need to review my Algebra and Trigonometry rules to prepare for Calculus II in the fall. To that end I will sign up and take a coupld of Khan Academy classes this summer to prepare.

The baby Heron looks like something from Jurassic Park.

A great definition of 'Lifehack' from Shawn Blanc

Sometimes the most creative, inspired, productive thing you can do is try to be as lazy as possible while still showing up to do the work.

A 'Lifehack' is something that makes a difficult to complete task easy to complete.

Anything that allows me to be lazy is something that I can support.