I need to get better at logging what I'm eating and watching the size of my portions. To that end, I will be using Lose It! instead of the built in food logging in Fitbit.

I think that the built in food tracking in the Fitbit app is substandard and entering foods can be a challenge which is why I sometimes fail to log what I eat.

Starting today, I'll be logging everything that I eat to get a better understanding of what I actually eat.

I fucked up an amazing friendship because I was an idiot and didn't think about the consequences.

Now, I have to live with the fact that the friendship is over because I was stupid and naive and stuck in my own head.

I am miserable knowing that the fault lies squarely on my shoulders.

Shane Parrish over at Farnam Street wrote about how working more doesn't relate to working better or harder.

He concludes;

Questions about work and its interaction with the joy of living are personal and significant. We often only think about them toward the end of our life, when it’s too late to make changes.

Start asking yourself these questions today.

My problem is he doesn't mention what questions you are supposed to be asking.

How do you balance work and life?

How much time is the right time for you to work? But, that answer might not be up to you if your job requires you to work more than you prefer to work.

It all boils down to knowing yourself and what you want from life. The problem there is knowing how to know yourself.

It's tax time.

A time that most people seem to dread because the government is coming for your money. These people are wrong. Don't think of it like the government is coming for your money. Think of it like you are pitching in to help build and maintain the roads you drive on, the schools our children attend, the programs and departments that help the less fortunate find their feet. Think of it as helping your community become a better community.

Think of it as something positive and not negative and look forward to helping to support the entire nation.

That doesn't mean that you should not try to maximize your return. And don't forget to file all of your deductions. Don't be like me. I forgot to add the contributions to my Roth IRA account to lower my taxable income this year. Now I have to wait for my returns to be accepted and file a corrected return to see if I can increase my refund.

Wonderful illustrations by David Álvarez. His ability to create so much character with black and white is amazing.




This is a really stunning illustration. I would really like to know how it was made.


He is perhaps the most dangerous man who ever lived.

A white man shows up in town and all hell breaks loose. The man with no name makes money playing two bosses off each other.
Short Movie Review

A beautifully shot revenge story. "I ain't afraid to die anymore. I done it already."

Clearly, I need to work on my Markdown syntax because some of the posts that I've written have no spaces between what are paragraphs in my note.

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the number of times 'Enter' is hit when starting a new line.

Progress and all that.

I'm taking two classes this semester instead of the three that I took in the fall. This was because I got discouraged by my performance last semester. I realized now that I should be taking three classes in the Spring because it is not as busy at work and two classes in the Fall. Chalk that up as a lesson learned

I'll be taking World History 1500-Present and Introductory Chemistry. Both are for my general education requirements to transfer to a 4 year school to compete my degree. (I'm still working on if I want to continue towards an Engineering Degree)

I think I should have taken Economics instead of Chemistry. My reasoning for taking Chemistry was to get a refresher on the subject since it has been 20 years since my last class and to see if it is something that I am interested in for a focus if I continue towards an Engineering degree.

The goal for this semester is simple: Get an A in both classes.