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A very good list

  1. What am I taking for granted this week?

  2. Who helps to keep the comforts of my life coming to me?

  3. What systems are helping my life to run right now?

  4. Three mundane things that I do almost daily that I’m grateful for.

  5. Five utilitarian things I use in my life, why I’m grateful for them, and some of the factors and circumstances that help bring those into my life.



Ralph McQuarrie

B.C. by Mastroianni and Hart for May 04, 2019

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Quoderat at [Technology as Nature](

) shares his thoughts on a Twitter thread about a research expedition to the Amazon

"The wild" is now racist? Huh. I go to the wild areas of Florida all the time. I plan to keep calling them that no matter how racist it might be. If an area has a bunch of animals, trees, and not that many buildings, it’s wild.

I think he misses the point by a mile. This response is what the hubbub is about

Not that "the wild" is a racist term. But the terms used in the announcement are structured as a continuation of white men colonialism and that part needs to stop.

Matt at birthtree thinks Apple gave us a glimpse of the future with the iPhone X.

What was so radical about the iPhone X versus the iPhone 8?

No headphone jack.
No home button.

Same rectangle of glass (different type) and same OS.

Not very radical, or future looking to me.

This is not possible. Except that it is.

My brain hurts. I need more coffee.

That's certainly one way to think about water.

Ron Miller

In addition to sharing his thoughts on technology at, Om Malik enjoys sharing his photography.

I really enjoy his stark style and serene landscapes that mainly focus on a single subject.

A perfect example is this photo of a tree in Yosemite Valley.

I highly recommend following him on Instagram.