No Idea

Gillette went and made an ad to back up a new campaign they are running.

Some say it is an attack on how men are raising boys.

Some say it is a small step to help men see that they do not have to be super masculine to be a man.

I do not understand the first reaction to this ad

It is a commercial to say, maybe there is a better way.

There are some

who think it is not a smart move because men have to be assholes, or something. I do not understand it.

I am in the camp of: Yes, there is a better way. No, men do not have to be creeps or assholes. Yes, men can have basic dignity.

I guess there are men out there who think that they should be able to take whatever they want whenever they want with no consequences because that's now the vikings lived or something. Again, I'm not sure what their belief system is. It isn't my belief system and I think that is the disconnect in the reaction to this commercial.

I am fairly positive that there will be no repercussions to the Gillette brand for this commercial. Much like the Nike boycott and other "stupid men boycotting brands because they suggested boys shouldn't be raised to be assholes boycotts" any suggested boycott will have no effect on Gillette.

It's not like Gillette is going to come out with a commercial in 2 or 3 months that's all, "remember that time we said we think men can do better? Yeah, f*ck that. We're advocating for The Purge now, suck it."

A New Day

today starts a new day.




Kurt Harden at Cultural Offerings gives us a glimpse of his morning routine.

My routine is similar and yet different.

Get up between 8 am and 11 am depending on when I got off work the night before.

Make coffee. Talk to cat while making coffee.

Drink coffee. Talk to cat while drinking coffee.

Read blogs. Think to self I should post more to my blog, while drinking coffee.

Get ready for work.

The amount of time I spend on each is what I want to change this year. All so I can do more chores in the morning so I don't feel guilty about pushing stuff to the next day.

I was dismayed this week when I weighed in for the first time this year at 260 pounds.

This is 40 pounds above my lowest weight from 2017. 2018 was not a good year for losing weight.

I'm going to make a change to get my weight under control.

Every morning I will walk on the treadmill while I watch an episode of Battlestar Galattica or Orphan Black.

I will eat Fast Food less (ideally not at all). I will eat more fruit and vegetables.

I have always found it hard to make plans. Not the taking trip kind of plans. In the personal growth, tasks & projects, kind of plans.

I want to do things.

Build a website
Plant a garden
Cook more
Exercise more
Get healthier
Read more

I have lists of stuff I want to do. Some in my head, some in Evernote, some in physical notebooks, and probably some other places as well.

My problem is the doing part of the plans. Well, that and breaking down the plan into smaller pieces.

It is one thing to say 'I want to get healthier' and quite another to say "I will stop smoking, eat more fruits and vegtables, get regular exercise'.

But even those smaller steps require smaller steps themselves to accomplish.

It is a never ending parade of smaller steps until you hit one that you can start with.

My problem has always been that I can't get through the first or second round of the parade before I give up.

I have no endurance.

No endurance to put the plan into motion to start the plan.

I just want to be a better person magically.

I know that is not houw it works in reality.

It would be nice if it was though.

Here's to a new year of struggling while working on bettering myself.

Paul Krugman has an observation on the differences in America

Sometimes the trut hurts a little. Sometimes it is scary as hell.

We are moving closer to scary as hell territory for me.

This was an unexpected thought process to have this morning.

Will I need my PC setup for desktop use once the Steam Controller gets delivered?

The PC is parked on the entertainment center just below my 42" plasma TV. The Monitor and keyboard and speakers are on the desk next to it.

With the Pixelbook becoming my primary device, will I use the PC for more than gaming? How much more? Will I use it daily? Weekly?

If all I'm going to do on the PC now is run Steam then I can run it in Big Picture mode and use the controller and sit in my Poang to play games.

Maybe it's time to rethink how my office is set up.

This photo of Grand Central Terminal in New York is breathtaking. The sunlight streaking through the dust is magnificent.

I only wish that it was in color.


Erin Boyle at Reading My Tea Leaves has a nice post about the beginning of the new year. It's a type of New Year's Resolutions post without the list. Just a couple of sentences about what she wants to do.

I’ll write a list of books I want to read. Maybe I’ll think some more about a book I’d like to write. I’ll pledge to visit a museum exhibit a month, no less. I’ll swear by color and sunshine and Vitamin D and promise to get myself through another winter without too much suffering. I’ll remember the spring bulbs I planted with Faye. I’ll water my new fern every morning. I’ll be better at saving pennies for taxes. (I’ll try to save some other pennies for travel.)

I like this view of Resolutions. Instead of Goals that need to be tracked and monitored and achieved it is a list of Wants that can be developed over the coming year. A list of Maybes instead of a list of Must Do's