No Idea

Nothing special.

A decent espionage flick.

Showcasing a talented mixed martial artist.

A journey to a newly discovered island to prove a theory about underground tunnels.

What could go wrong?


Excellent effects. Good performances. Entertaining as hell.

A super hero who actually grows during the movie? ✔️

Action and adventure with some comedy? ✔️

Continuing to build the larger story by focusing on the smaller story? ✔️

Building on a story just to build on a story.

A little more depth than the first movie, but the movie doesn't quite live up to the expectations. The humor is a little flat. The characters are a little flat, no growth; this is a filler movie.

Good God, it's the start of a franchise.

An origin story that starts a super hero story and a movie franchise.

Funny and action packed the first of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies does a good job of setting up the super heroes in today's world.

A journey of personal discovery wrapped in a super hero movie.

Funny, action packed, and a good story. Not normally what you expect from a super hero origin story.

The Avengers start to get their stories.

American Hero origin stories are boring to me. They are not complex, nor engaging character arcs. This one is no different: Steve Rogers just gets bigger.


I don't try to post long, well researched, and in depth blog posts here. Partly because I'm not good at that, but mostly because I don't want to. And this is first and foremost, my little personal space on the world wide web. So, I gets to do what I wants to do here.

Rebecca Toh summed it up pretty well in her post nobody cares

And while they are here, they can choose to linger for as long as they want to or move on, but what they will never feel is the pressure to engage.

Anyway, this blog and website is more for me because I want it to be here.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around. Linger, or don't. It is really up to you.

This piece speaks volumes to me.

Trying to break out of habit and routine to create new habits and routines is like finding freedom that you didn't know you had.