Introducing Surface Duo

This video by Microsoft has me excited for a dual screen phone, even if it's not the roll-up phone of the future.

I think it nails all of the use cases of a foldable phone extremely well.

Good job, Microsoft.

Reaction to Reaction to #GoodFaithTwitter

Colin Walker makes a statement I personally profoundly disagree with when discussing social networks

With the best will in the world, and despite our best efforts to be authentic, we all play a roll online - just as we have to offline depending upon the circumstances we find ourselves in.

I do not play a roll online or offline. I am myself in both places. I may think more before I post online (sometimes) than I do when I speak to someone in person offline. But, I do not play a roll.

Of course, that's not to say people don't play rolls in life. It just says that I find it tiring and do not engage in that behavior.

Heroes and Goals

Derek Sivers posted this past Sunday about how who your heroes are is a good indication of what you want to do. An interesting idea that brought up a memory of a college interview I had years ago.

I was pretty confident that I wanted to be a programmer and was applying to The University of La Verne. I had a one on one interview, a get to know you meeting, with a professor of Computer Science at the school. Seta Whitby asked me a question that I have always struggled with:

"What gets you up in the morning?".

Today, as then, I have no good answer to that question.

My answer remains the same:

"Because I have to."

Sometimes I wonder if I had looked up to more people earlier in my life would I have found a different path?
But, then I take a moment and think about my life now and I am happy, content with where I am and what I'm doing.
Just because I don't wake up every morning trying to cure cancer doesn't mean that I lack anything. It just means I haven't found an answer ... yet

Game Of Life

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Travel Destination Research

Sean Blanda does a lot of research before traveling.

On the other hand I do very minimal research: pick a destination and go, I'll figure out what to do when I get there. Spontaneity is your friend when you're on vacation: do not over plan your vacation.