No Idea

Stuck in Lockdown?
What are you going to do?
Glad you asked:

Rewrite an 80's pop hit and perform it with your family for the world to see.

Nothing special.

A decent espionage flick.

Showcasing a talented mixed martial artist.

We must ring the bells that still can ring.

A journey to a newly discovered island to prove a theory about underground tunnels.

What could go wrong?


Excellent effects. Good performances. Entertaining as hell.

A super hero who actually grows during the movie? ✔️

Action and adventure with some comedy? ✔️

Continuing to build the larger story by focusing on the smaller story? ✔️

I did not see anything in this article dehumanizing workers.

I am in the logistics industry and, there are many things that can be improved upon, nothing in the article strikes me as dehumanizing and awful work. That is, if you go into the job expecting warehouse work, you shouldn't be surprised to get warehouse work.

I don't want to go point by point, but some of the big points are:

Working 10 hours - the person signed up for a 10 hour schedule, why are they surprised they would be working 10 hours?

The computer tracks you - Amazon is a business and needs to know how that business is performing so there are metrics that should be meet by employees; those metrics have to be tracked somehow.

Inadequate Training - This is a valid point and more training should have been provided.

Let's not forget that fulfillment is hard work. While we cheer Doctors and Nurses (rightfully), and thank grocery store workers and truck drivers, the people who are packaging your purchases for shipping are often forgot. They do hard work to make sure you get your iPad or bamboo bath mat when the company says you will get it.

Let's not expect a warehouse to be a work environment with no accountability for job performance.

No work place should be without accountability.

Annie Mueller describes what she is serious about.

I’m already immersed in my own life, and that’s what I’m passionate about. I’m serious about doing work I enjoy and doing it well. I find that passion has very little effect on that, one way or the other; discipline, focus, curiosity, and low tolerance for bullshit, on the other hand, are immensely helpful.

I would like to believe that I'm serious about the same thing.

Doing work I enjoy and doing it well.

My current work is in warehousing and shipping. I enjoy it. I enjoy getting people to be part of a team and to focus in on a goal and execute the process to meet that goal. I'm not passionate about it. If I was passionate about coaching I wouldn't be in the 3rd part logistic business, I'd be in the coaching business. And, honestly, I don't think I have my shit together enough to be in the coaching business.

Seth Godin writes about disappointment

The opportunity is to find someone to delight and to embrace the fact that someone is not everyone.

He's not wrong. Somebody is probably going to be disappointed. On the other hand, Somebody might be delighted.

Focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Building on a story just to build on a story.

A little more depth than the first movie, but the movie doesn't quite live up to the expectations. The humor is a little flat. The characters are a little flat, no growth; this is a filler movie.

Good God, it's the start of a franchise.

An origin story that starts a super hero story and a movie franchise.

Funny and action packed the first of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies does a good job of setting up the super heroes in today's world.