Random thoughts for the day, presented in no particular order.

How do you find things you like?
How do you know you like something?
Why do I always mentally berate myself for no reason?
I sure do like coffee. Toast isn't bad, either.
Maybe I should find someone to talk to.
I wish I didn't have to be an adult
Angels and devils rode the skies
Looking down upon the creations their father had wrought
Planning their revenge
Planning the destruction of the world
Planning the end of humanity
Their jealousy could not be overcome by their loyalty

Fantastic photo.


I have a vague idea of a project to do next year.

I will watch my favorite movies again and rate them. The goal would be to compile a list of my favorite 20 movies that I have ever seen.

More on this project as I begin to flesh it out over the next two months.

Absolutely stunning photo from NASA of Pluto's crescent.

Pluto's Crescent


I literally could not care less about what the culture of Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, or any other company in the world says about it's market share or ideals or whatever the fuck some douche is writing about. The company culture is relevant to a select few people in the world. Namely, those employed by the company. If they want to work at the company then they better get on board with the culture or be prepared for a long haul of dealing with a culture they don't enjoy being a part of.

Does it bode well for Amazon that people cry at their desks and work over the weekends? I don't know. I know I want the filters I ordered for my Chemex by the time Amazon told me they would get delivered.

Does it bode well that Apple is accused of poaching engineers from an electric motorcycle startup? I don't know. I know that I'm tired of having to move dozens of apps to folders on my home screen because Apple thinks that there has to be an icon on your home screen for every single app that you have installed on your device.

Does it bode well that Facebook tracks everything you do on Facebook? I don't know. I know that I don't want to tell Facebook that I enjoyed the hell out of Mad Max Fury Road because it'll start suggesting stuff I don't care about based on that information.

It's nice that there are people on the outside of these companies looking in on the company culture but, to try to draw any useful conclusions based on those observations is like trying to use a water finding stick; a sham. And when I read your store about the company culture and you try to tell me that it's doomed because this other company that is now closed had the same culture you are no better than a guy telling me there's water there because a stick said so. You have no idea what you're talking about. You're just trying to sell page views and ads. I applaud your effort but, I decry your means.

Colin Devroe

Evernote is a mess as a product. The syncing is terrible, the Mac app is atrocious, and their forays into the web have been pretty poor. Yet, here we all are still using it.

I have not had any issues with Evernote syncing since I started using the service. Their iOS and Android apps are easy to use and follow the standard guidelines of apps on those platforms. The Windows app is functional but, not great to look at. The web app is what I use most and other than not having some of the editing features of the Windows app is quite easy to use.

Short Movie Review

Epic space battles, a race to save humankind, and a conspiracy. Also, an Immortal Space Pirate. What's not to love?
Short Movie Review

Hercules performs his 12th labor. Action, Comedy and an obvious plot twist or two make for an entertaining movie
Short Movie Review

An entertaining She's All That remake.