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    Saga themed motivational poster.



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  2. War as a spectator sport is sickening.

    War as a spectator sport is sickening.

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Syd Mead

Looks like Elysium


    Syd Mead

    Looks like Elysium

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last warrior by skyboltExploring Character Design


    last warrior by skybolt

    Exploring Character Design

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  5. It’s not a good time to be a Kansas City Royals fan. They are not playing well out of the All Star Break. They aren’t pitching well. They aren’t hitting well. They aren’t winning.

    This leads to fans of the Royals to call for the head of General Manager Dayton Moore. This is not something new. This happens at the beginning and in the middle of every losing streak or rough patch that the Royals play through. It continues in the beginning of a winning streak and is forgotten by most fans in the middle of the winning streak. And then shouted at the top of their lungs the minute the winning streak is over. The other regular part of the baseball season for Royals fans is other Royals fans calling for the team to make a move. Any move. It doesn’t matter. Just make a move. Because making a move is better than not making a move because it’s making a move.

    The Royals “faithful” just want the management to be seen doing something. Whether or not it is good for the team this year, next year or never. Just make a move because then the fans will have something to talk about other than their unreasonable expectations to win every single game.

  6. Here. Let’s be outraged about this. 

  7. Really?

    That is not something to be outraged about. It’s a picture. There was a passenger plane shot down with a ground to air missile killing 300 people. Israel is bombing the Gaza Strip, killing and wounding hundreds of people. Another plane is still missing 4 months after it disappeared. There are 52,000 children fleeing gangs and murders and being protested at America’s southern border.

    There are so many more things to be outraged about. To be outraged about a picture of a woman visiting a place that she studied for years with her dad who died before he could make the trip with her seems a little less outrage worthy in the context of the other issues in the world.

  8. A letter by Charles Bukowski about not surviving 9-5 jobs over at Open Culture.

    I just wrote in disgust against it all, it was a relief to get the shit out of my system. And now that I’m here, a so-called professional writer, after giving the first 50 years away, I’ve found out that there are other disgusts beyond the system.

    To be free to do what I want would be an amazing thing.

  9. I feel drained. I’m tired and I haven’t done anything. I’m going to be 35 and I have to job. Worse, no prospect. I’ve been to two temp agencies and neither can find me something to do. I don’t believe that is possible. I don’t believe that you can work in an office environment (I was in Transportation, scheduling deliveries to grocery stores) and not be able to do menial office tasks for companies. I fear that my ending salary, $18/hr, is blinding those temp agencies to the fact that I need a job now. Any job. Just something that brings in some money. I don’t care if it’s a data entry job where I enter numbers all day for $10/hr. I just need to make some money.

    I’m afraid of going into retail because I don’t want to be stranded in retail. Being stuck is a paralyzing fear. And I’m afraid I’m stuck right now. Stuck is a never ending search for a job that doesn’t exist. Stuck in a never ending quest to find something to do. Just stuck. And that scares the living shit out of me.

    I’m tired of being scared and afraid of the future. I’m tired of not having an answer to, “what do you want to do?”. I’m tired of feeling like I’m doing something wrong. I’m just tired.

  10. "Get over here!"

    "Get over here!"

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